APRIL 2014

.....Recordings for Darkyra Black's second coming album has been going on in the La Foret studios in the south west of France and in Athens-Greece in the Morph Studios. Betovani, Garry King, Fab Jablonski, George Boussounis, George Ginis and Darkyra Black have been working in full steam on the last 2 months putting down rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals for 11 songs that will compose this next album. Some very special guests have come to sessions in Greece. Laertis Kokolanis, Ilias Sdoukos and Porfyris Michalis on the strings sessions and Tigran Sargsyan on the Duduk.

.....Last february 20th, Darkyra's debut album Dragon Tears was released worldwide. On CD Baby it has gone out of stock already. Since then it has recieved numerous reviews from all over. Interviews on radios, online stations have caught the attention of producers interested in shows. The song called Tears by Candle Light has been online on Youtube for a few weeks now and has had a great deal of views.